We will be spending two weeks learning from our expert coaches and facilitators and we will put our learning into action with time for reflection and outdoor activities within the community and in nature. We will learn how to plan, organize and deliver projects that will benefit the local community while putting in action the growth elements that we will acquire during this year’s TeensGrowth journey.

Who IS

  • Teens from different cultures and regions
  • Teenagers aged 14 to 18 years of age
  • Willing to connect with many diverse teenagers across the globe
  • Passionate to learn, share, enjoy and make an impact in the society
  • Wanting to develop their creativity and generate innovative ideas for the future of the World

TeensGrowth PROGRAM 2018


This  year edition will be a residential camp in Nirarta, Centre for Living Awareness, in Bali, Sidemen Indonesia.
We will be very happy to welcome you at our Teensgrowth camp 2018.

Sign up until 23rd of April 2018 or contact us for more information on fees and registration procedures. Teensgrowth is open to everybody and it is an experience that we believe every teen should have. Therefore, we offer scholarship and grants. Please contact us for further information on how to apply to them.


Arrival and Welcome Bali Style

June, 24th

Know Yourself and Your Community

June, 25th, 26th & 27th

We will learn meditation techniques, how to listen to ourselves, hike around Sidemen and spend a day with local families to learn about the community.

Outdoor Day

June, 28th & 29th

We will spend two days experiencing outdoor activities, learning, enjoying, sharing, and creating impact while engaging with nature.

Building Team Spirit

June, 30th – July 1st & 2nd

We will get to know and explore team-building techniques to start working in the community project design.

Outdoor Day

July, 3rd

We will spend a day outdoors experiencing learning activities while enjoying nature.

Feeling and Connecting with The Local Community

July, 4th, 5th & 6th

We will implement all the knowledge that we acquired so far, implement actions to create impact within us and the community and apply our new growth to our future outlook and perspective

Departure Day and Farewell Bali Style

July, 7th


TeensGrowth students experiences

“Teensgrowth made me connect with Nature, helped me connect with other people and helped me conntect with other cultures – Agung, 17

“I connected with myself and learned about other cultures” – Cinta, 18

“I learned about other realities. This made me be more interested in community work and reinforce my values on sharing and making a positive impact in the society”– Nico, 18


“This week has been inspiring and lifechanging for me”– Natalia, 17


“Now I know how to learn and grow even more” – Sara, 15